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Project: „4 Seasons“ - cooperation with the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development

The campaigns for protection of the environment and the reduction of the use of synthetic materials in the textile industry have begun to change the awareness of the world population for the advantages and benefits of using natural materials. The climate changes have contributed towards rising of the average temperatures which allows use of cotton wear during the cold months (late autumn-winter and early spring). Thus cotton, traditionally used in warm periods (late spring - summer and early fall), is increasingly becoming a four-season material. On the other hand, wool remains the most valuable raw material for the production of warm clothing. Natural raw materials are expensive to produce and have disadvantages that synthetic raw materials perfectly compensate for. The customers expect to receive clothing that utilizes the positive features of both types of raw materials. There are a growing number of customers that are looking for products that can be used to the maximum and are maintainable more easily and efficiently in order to extend their lifespan, create less waste and environmental pollution.


Yarns and threads created by combination of acryl and cotton as well as wool and cotton are increasingly on demand in the market. There is an increasing need for creating yarns from natural materials that will be available throughout the year. Hence the idea of ​​VETEKS JSC, Veles for implementation of the project "4 SEASONS" which will introduce a production line that will enable production of innovative products on the Macedonian and Balkan markets. These are yarns that will have appropriate blends of cotton with acryl and cotton with wool.


Within the project "4 SEASONS", VETEKS JSC creates two new types of yarns that will be used in the production of clothes:

  • thread and yarn created as a combination of cotton fibers and acrylic fibers

  • thread and yarn created as a combination of cotton fibers and wool fibers


The project "4 Seasons" is a project financially supported by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development of the R. N. Macedonia as part of the Instrument: Co-financed grants for technological development.

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